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May 2018
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Doing Good is Good for You — Volunteer!

As 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, they are redefining what it means to reach this aging milestone. Some are delaying retirement. But whether they are working or not, many are embracing opportunities to contribute in new ways by volunteering, sharing a lifetime of knowledge and experience to improve the lives of people in their communities. But volunteering not only benefits society— research shows it can also pay big dividends in better health as you age.

If you volunteer for as little as two hours a week, or about 96 hours per year, you may experience improved mental, emotional and physical health—benefits that many older volunteers are reaping because, on average, they contribute almost twice as many hours as any other age group. Volunteering can help to reduce depression, lessen chronic pain and give your brain a boost. You may even live longer!

Do you need another reason to get on the volunteer bandwagon?

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Golden Pages Senior Resource and Information Guide was founded in 1987 by Senior Spectrum Newspapers, and publishers Chris and Connie McMullen, who realized the tremendous need for senior resource information that helps connect people and resources.

Golden Pages is the most trusted comprehensive Senior Resource Guide with thousands of FREE listings on Retirement, Financial & Banking, Retirement Planning, Senior Living, Health, Transportation, Elder Care and More ... if you need to find a resource - Golden Pages is the place.

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