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Ageless Repertory Theater

Ageless Repertory Theater

Ageless Repertory Theatre is a different form of theatre. Drawing on the actors’ imagination and voice, it is a rare opportunity for the audience to enjoy “Readers Theater” or staged reading of a script.

A dramatic style in which experience actors perform readings from fully developed plays; the reading itself is the performance. A.R.T. is performed on a staged set where costuming is at a minium and, therefore, not a distraction from the story, characters and dramatic presentation. “The audience can see how a play and its characters and scenes develop, using their imagination to construct the limited sets and costumes.”

Every month the troupe of actors present two performances of an awardwinning play on the Reno Little Theater stage located at 147 E. Pueblo Street, in Reno.

“With a minimum of sets and costumes, the play unfolds as if all those elements are present. It’s such a gift,” explained Sands Hall.

A.R.T. has been producing Readers’ Theater since 2000. Founded to provided opportunities for experienced actors to explore and perform awardwining plays, performances are usually held on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 1 p.m.

Ageless Repertory Theater
Ageless Repertory Theater

Admission is free, but donations are welcome.

Upcoming performances include:


Ageless Repertory Theatre Performance location:
Reno Little Theater
147 E. Pueblo Street
Reno, NV