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January 2019
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BIGGEST little City
by Harry Spencer
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Homage to a Media Man

Harry Spencer
Harry Spencer

Just as when a bright star fades out in the heavens, one of Reno’s most stellar luminaries passed away recently when Chris McMullen departed the local scene.

Chris and his wife Connie were major players in catering to senior issues by virtue of their monthly publication Senior Spectrum, the annual Senior Fest and a host of various senior organizations and causes. Connie has vowed to continue all of these activities in Chris’ memory.

For me, I was fortunate enough to meet Chris several decades ago. Not long after that, I began writing for this publication. During the intervening years, I marveled at what a perfect team Chris and Connie were. They worked in tandem on publications, radio, TV and live appearances. When it came to print endeavors, they worked seamlessly with Chris doing advertising sales and Connie doing the editorial work.

Whenever I delivered my column in person to Chris at his home, he would always invite me in to view his latest remodeling project. He was also proud of the many fine antiques he was able to collect and he dabbled in a score of hobbies. On many occasions we would go outside to discuss repairs on his house and to see how his landscaping projects were progressing.

Every now and then, when I was out and about I would run into the duo as they were participating in the delivery of this publication. Thus, I was able to get a fresh copy from the publishers themselves.

Many years ago when I was in a newsroom during the dead time as all of us were waiting for the damp newspapers to come off the press we would play numerous word games. One of our favorites was to select a person of note and try to identify him by the most appropriate single word.

In Chris’ case such a task would be easy for the most impressive word I could think of to identify him by would be “enthusiasm”. That trait was obvious no matter what he was doing. Even to communicating on the telephone. It is no wonder that he was so successful in sales due to his engaging personality and persuasive ways.

In closing, some years ago I penned a tribute, at this time I would like to dedicate it to Chris.


by H. Spencer

What is a friend?

That’s a question as old as time itself.

A friend is someone who cares about what happens to you

A friend is someone who enjoys your company.

A friend is someone you can turn to in time of trouble.

A friend is not only quick to share—he’s eager to share.

A friend never questions your motives—no matter how selfish.

A friend is one who springs to your defense—no matter the odds.

A friend is someone with whom you can travel comfortably.

A friend is someone with whom conversation is open and easy.

A friend seems happy to give you more than he receives.

A friend never lets others speak ill of you.

A friend always helps shoulder your burdens.

A friend loves the members of your family as if they were his own.

A friend can be critical too, but only in the most supportive way.

A friend remains a friend over long distances—and over many years.

A friend is truly someone who is there when you need him.

A friend is someone you choose.

A friend is someone who chooses you.

A friend shares a bond with you that is sometimes stronger than blood.

A friend is the one person who stays at your side when all others turn away.

A friend is a damn good thing to have.