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January 2019
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Eclectic Observer
by Janet Ross
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Janet Ross
Janet Ross

This January 2019 column has a Hidden message; just look for the capital letters in bold to decipher it.

There is an old cliché, but worth repeating: an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not a bad suggestion for beginning the new year.

Another suggestion for this year, in light of all the chaos of the past one, is to cultivate your Patience. It's time to mellow out, get rid of your political frustrations, eliminate road rage, and let go of your latest medical issue. Are the things that try your patience really that important? Back off … and be happy!

It's always a good time to pray for Peace, especially in locations where we have troops defending our freedom. Can you imagine an entire world without wars? Wouldn't that be the greatest blessing ever?

Here's an idea for this year – say “Yes” to something that would normally put a “no” in your mouth. Take a chance on something new and different. Surprise a friend or loved one with an affirmative reaction to one of their requests that you usually deny.

In that vein, make an effort to delete the Negative from your actions and vocabulary. Negative people are a downer and we don't need them in our lives. If we are negative ourselves, think of the effect on others.

Isn't it time to make room in our lives for Everyone, regardless of culture, race, religion, age, politics – anything that differs from our own “tribe.” Different doesn't have to be something we fear.

So much for being serious, Wear something silly for a day. You'll be surprised at the comments (or double-take looks) you get. And, if someone doesn't haul you off to the funny farm, a smile or a laugh is guaranteed.

When the days are gray (and they will be in January), find something Yellow to brighten your outlook. If you can't locate some yellow flowers, consider a bowl full of cheery lemons.

Good advice (and another cliché): the Early bird catches the worm. Instead of snuggling in bed, get up an hour early and use the extra time to do something you've been avoiding.

This new year is time to rejoice in just being Alive. Life itself can be such an extraordinary gift as we age. It's a time to appreciate every precious moment.

My last suggestion for 2019, Read a book this month. Buy one from a local bookseller, borrow one from your Library, put one on your e-reader. It matters less what you choose to read than the fact that you make the time to relax and read.

May this year bring you both happiness and good health!