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February 2018
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New Law Helps Vision
Impaired Nevadans Read Prescriptions
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Read Prescriptions

This year Nevada enacted a new law (SB131 of 2017) that requires pharmacists to tell consumers about audible prescription labels and provide them with information on how to obtain them.

Audible, large print and Braille prescription labels are a way that pharmacies can accommodate those who are blind, low vision, dyslexic, illiterate or have another print impairment. These accessible labels are provided to the customer at no additional cost.

Accessible Prescription Label Options

Delivery Methods for prescriptions

Talk to your pharmacist and/or healthcare provider about implementing the Best Practices for Accessible Prescription Labels for Individuals who are Blind and Visually Impaired. Use one of these resources as reference for talking points:

  1. United States Access Board Best Practices: https://www.accessboard. gov/guidelinesandstandards/ healthcare/ aboutprescriptiondrugcontainerlabels/ workinggrouprecommendations
  2. National Council on Disability Brochure: fault/files/ADLP_508.pdf
  3. ADA and Effective Communication: htm

When requesting assistance, come prepared with a list of your preferred methods of accommodation. According to the ADA, when choosing an aid or service, government contracted pharmacies are required to give primary consideration to the choice of aid or service requested by the person who has a communication disability. Other pharmacies are encouraged to consult with the person to discuss what aid or service is appropriate.

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