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February 2018
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Television Audio for the Hearing Impaired
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Baby Boomers listened to loud music when they were young. Now for the first time in the history of the United States, there are 95 million people over the age of 50... and many of them have some degree of hearing loss.

zvox AccuVoice AV205 TV Speaker
zvox AccuVoice AV205 TV Speaker

Encore Audio Visual Design, Reno’s locally owned and operated home theater retailer is proud to announce their introduction of the ZVOX AccuVoice AV205 TV Speaker With Audiology Adjustments, designed specifically for television viewers with hearing impairment.

Senior cannot hear the television.
Senior cannot hear the television.

The ZVOX AccuVoice AV205 Ophthalmology TV Speaker provides technology that can help deliver crystal clear audio such as voice and dialogue without the need to blast the volume to uncomfortable levels! The AccuVoice AV205 TV Speaker uses built in hearing aid technology for super clear voices, even at low volumes. ZVOX's technology literally lifts voices out of the sound track and then modifies the voices to make them understandable.

"Ever sat in the living room with Grandpa when he’s watching the evening news?" asks Brad Bolotin from Encore Av Design, "The television volume makes it unbearable to be in the same room! Now, with the addition of an inexpensive AccuVoice AV205 TV Speaker, Grandpa can hear his favorite news anchor while the rest of the family can carry on a conversation. Easy to set up and easy to use!"

For more information about the new home theater technology, contact Brad Bolotin for an in store demonstration at (775) 322-6400 or visit Encore Audio Visual Design, 7589 S. Virginia, Ste. A and C, Reno.