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February 2018
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Dragonfly in Flight at Virginia Lake
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Dragonfly in Flight at Virginia Lake

Love Letter

Peter Hazel’s dragonfly, he named DWane, has been installed at Virginia Lake in Reno.

The exhibit is a great addition to the city’s public art collection. Made from a combination of steel, shimmering fused glass and recycled ceramics, dragonfly sits on top a beautiful sculpture erected in the lake. With dimensions of 5 feet long and a 6 foot wingspan, dragonfly will surely lighten up the imagination for both children and adults visiting the popular park. A groundbreaking is planned for Feb. 15, at 2 p.m.

Artist Hazel is wellknown for his creations. A lilly titled "Love Letter to Elaine," featured at Burning Man, is a tribute to a loved one’s favorite flower. The artwork, standing 15 feet tall, currently is exhibited prominently on Victorian Square, near the Sparks Heritage Museum and Cultural Center.