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May 2017
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by Alana M. Klumpp, LCSW
Circle of Life Community Hospice Social Worker
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Kinsuki is the Japanese art of taking broken pottery and rebuilding the pieces with gold inlay to bind the cracks. It creates a beautiful and valuable piece of art, the brokenness becoming the design. Part to the beauty becomes the “Story” that it tells.

Perhaps we are like the pottery, feeling broken and purposeless…of no use, with no goodness left. We await the master artist to rebuild us, inlaying our brokenness with gold, creating something beautiful out of our shattered lives.

What if the pieces are too broken, what if there are missing parts and it cannot be reformed into the same shape? We can feel that way after a loved one leaves us, whether or not their “leaving” is in their control. Empty - broken - with pieces missing. The chips and shards of our lives have fallen out and the design does not make sense anymore. We can’t seem to fit our lives back together.

Our “Story” has changed. Until this point our story has included our husband, our wife, our sister or brother, our child or friend. Now it includes how they left us. Now it includes how we honored them as they put down this life and went on to something different, a new adventure or a quiet sleep. Now our story has pain and longing, a place that awaits filling, awaits hope, awaits new life.

We are the artist, the story teller. Our spirit is the painter, the sculptor, the life giver to those empty places. We choose the medium, the gold or silver, the platinum or brass with which to repair our lives. And if the Grand Artist or Great Spirit so inspires us, we can allow ourselves to be repaired and to recreate ourselves once again into a thing of beauty and value. If our beliefs do not espouse to a Great Spirit, then let us hold to the Greatness within our own Spirit to provide the energy to go forward and to recreate ourselves.

Our life pieces do not always fit back together snugly. Sometimes we will have to take what we have and create something new. As a mosaic is created from broken shards, our lives take on a new form. But unlike the shards of pottery, we need to participate and allow the healing to take place and the new form to be created. Pottery is lifeless - people are dipped in the spirit of living. Without our willingness, without a choosing, a remodeling of our own lives, the broken pieces will simply remain broken pieces.

So lay down your brokenness in a new pattern. Fill in the gaps with gold or silver and create a new form for yourself. Create a New Story. There will always be the cracks from the breaking. As in Kinsuki though, your brokenness will be a thing to behold, a person of beauty and value…as you have always been….but somehow new.