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May 2017
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Vision - Ophthalmology
by Dr. Michael Fischer, M.D.
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Things are Looking up for Seniors 

Michael Fischer, M.D.
Michael Fischer, M.D.

Compared with their counterparts from a generation ago, today’s seniors are about half as likely to experience seriously impaired vision. This finding, based on two large national surveys, is all the more notable when one considers that health conditions that have the potential to harm vision (such as diabetes) have been on the upswing.

Experts point to many possible reasons for the good news, beginning with improved techniques in cataract surgery. In addition, changes in lifestyle and nutrition may also play roles, such as less smoking leading to fewer cases of macular degeneration and better glucose control among diabetics leading to decreased risk of diabetic retinopathy. Heightened attention to eye health and more frequent eye exams also bring visual improvement.

It should be noted that refractive surgery, such as LASIK, may also help seniors see better and thereby improve their quality of life.

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