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Reno Seniors’ Recreation Fees
Rise for 2018-2019
by Donna Clontz
Chair, Reno Senior Citizen Advisory Committee
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Donna Clontz
Donna Clontz

Since 2014, Reno recreation fees for seniors aged 50+ have remained the same, while costs for staff, maintenance and equipment have gone up. So, on May 23, the Reno City Council approved some increases for 2018-2019 fees for Parks, Recreation and Community Services. These changes affecting seniors were recommended by the city’s Recreation & Parks Commission without consultation of the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee. For the first time, many seniors who are 50-59 will pay higher fees than those 60+ as of July 1. If you have concerns about this, please contact me at or 775-240-2745.

Here’s what’s happening: The daily drop- in fee for everyone aged 50+ at Teglia’s Paradise Park remains at $1 per day. A drop- in fee covers activities such as card games, beanbag baseball, chair volleyball, Sit and Get Fit, Baggo, and more.

Fees at Evelyn Mount and Neil Road for these same types of dropin activities will increase to $2 per day for those 60+, and $4 per day for seniors 50-59. Fees for other fitness and leisure learning activities vary (such as yoga, Zumba, dances, computers, specialty arts), but did not go up for the coming year.

Bean Bag Baseball at Paradise Park.
Bean Bag Baseball at Paradise Park.

The best deal in town is the annual Senior Activity Pass for anyone aged 50 or more, which stays at $50 again this year (6-month pass for $30) and includes all activities covered by the daily drop-in fee at all three centers. If you’re 50+ and enjoy a lot of the dropin activities, it’s the best way to avoid the increased dropin fees at Evelyn Mount and Neil Road. Bring your ID and buy the pass in-person at any Reno center! Note: Passes bought after July 1 do not include pickleball.

Here’s what’s happening to facility use fees at Evelyn Mount and Neil Road:


Pickleball is the fastest growing senior sport in the nation. Reno seniors have been paying a $1 dropin fee ever since the sport was added here, but that has not covered the increased costs of equipment, staff time or building usage. In Reno, the number of players is skyrocketing, and more courts are needed, so higher rates will help pay for this growth.

New pickleball fees starting in Fall 2018 at Plumas Gym are:

2018 Senior Summer Games (age 50+) run from August 17 to September 1, and its registration fee stays at $30 which includes medals, T-shirt, and opening/ closing ceremonies. Each sport event requires an additional $5$ - 50 entry fee, depending on the sport. Summer sports include archery, badminton, basketball skills, billiards/8ball, bocce ball, bowling, climbing wall, croquet, fly casting, go karts, golf tournament, horseshoes, mini golf, obstacle course, pickleball, shuffleboard, swimming, table tennis, track and field, walk race and weightlifting/fitness. A change this year requires a $5 - $10 fee for each event within a sport category. For more info, contact Taryn Anderson at 775-334-2366 or or go online to departments/ parksrecreationcommunityservices/ seniors/seniorgamesinformation

Staying active and engaged with others keeps us healthy. If you want to participate in any of these activities, but think your budget just won’t allow it, please consider applying for a Recreation Scholarship. /showdocument?id=59880

Reno has a robust program for low income Reno residents of all ages. The level of scholarship—20%, 40%, or 60% of program cost—is determined by household income on a sliding scale indicated by the State of Nevada Subsidy Programs chart. If you receive Social Security, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Housing Authority assistance, etc., you probably qualify for up to $500 a year in recreation fee assistance. Please contact Norah Lloyd at 775-334-2046 or to apply.