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Lend-A-Hand Senior Services A Family Business
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Lend-A-Hand Senior Services, northern Nevada’s first personal care company doing business for 25 years, has undergone a management change. Long-time proprietor Tammy Sisson has passed down operational duties of the company to her son Ky Sisson.

Lend-A-Hand has always been a family run business, but embraced the concept completely when Tammy and husband Paul moved into MidTown venture JoStella Coffee Co., named after her father and located on the corner of Saint Lawrence and South Virginia. No one is more excited about the move than Ky, a former television news personality/anchor who left the broadcast industry to help his family. Ky assumed management duties January 19th this year when he left Channel 2 as popular, Ky the Traffic Guy.

“This was the right decision,” Ky said, adding, “Grandpa got sick and it was time for a change. Mom always wanted to own a coffee shop. She is an entrepreneur. She did not know anything about food service, but everything about business. JoStella is a hip, bustling watering hole for Midtowners. She is happy to be doing what she loves in a cool part of town.”

Ky, Tammy and Paul Sisson at the Lend‐A‐Hand office.
Ky, Tammy and Paul Sisson at the Lend‐A‐Hand office.

At 25-years of age, Ky has plenty of new idea’s and energy to bring Lend-A-Hand into a new era serving a different generation. “I came in with fresh eyes not knowing the past and am trying to give it everything I know to provide good senior care.” Sisson says when his mom opened Lend-A-Hand people used personal care service for longer periods, that includes light housekeeping, errands, bathing, grooming and dressing. Today, people are using personal care more towards the end-of-life.

“This has been one of my greatest honors.” Right now he is helping a friend, who has become a confident and a mentor. “I get the privilege of being with her at this stage in her life.” Ky admits the service Lend-A-Hand provides has really changed his life. “I never thought I would be impacted by the people we serve. I know why my mother loved it.”

Ky and Tammy Sisson at Senior Fest 2017.
Ky and Tammy Sisson at Senior Fest 2017.

The personal care industry has changed dramatically over the years. “Now people look to us during crisis. We may have a week or two with families and have to work quickly.” Moving swiftly to meet deadlines is a skill set Ky learned in broadcasting. Another thing that differs Lend-A-Hand from other personal care companies is that it is a mid sized family run local business. “We pride ourselves on quality service. We are not a big franchise with several hundred caregivers. This was not what Lend-A-Hand was built on. We are driven by quality compassionate care,” he said. “Jesus is our CEO. And we work day to day to provide for special needs.”

Since Ky has assumed operational duties at Lend-A-Hand, transportation services have been added to the business. Lend-A-Hand has a van with two drivers that provide non-emergency transportation. “We are ADA compliant and wheelchair assessable; we train our drivers/caregivers to help people get inside their home and to their bed. Our caregivers are certified, trained, licensed and insured, TB tested, and background checked.” The company is looking to add on another van to provide the much needed service to medical appointments in the community.

Ky Sisson and Joseph Stella with the Lend‐A‐Hand Medical Transport vehicle.
Ky Sisson and Joseph Stella with the Lend‐A‐Hand Medical Transport vehicle.

Lend-A-Hand has managed to stay ahead of competition as the community has grown because it provides quality assurance that clients deserve. “We require the caregiver come into Lend-A-Hand and sign a Plan of Care. The family meets with Lend-A-Hand for a free in-home assessment. “It is a business but there are certain things that cannot be changed,” he said. Lend-A-Hand follows rules and regulations mandated in state law that assures quality care that families deserve, and is guaranteed and provided in a safe and secure manner.

“You are changing someone’s world when you are working with people in the last stages of their lives. You soon realize it is a great honor, a ministry in every single way. It is a great opportunity to do something special for people and families.”

Lend-A-Hand Senior Services is located at 145 Mt. Rose Street, Reno, NV. It can be reached by calling 775-322-8414 or