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Novembr 2017
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by Janet Ross
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Janet Ross
Janet Ross

As we take the time to consider the many good things in our lives, this year I'm giving thanks for the unpleasant things not a part of mine. For example, I am very, very thankful not to be a resident of Houston, anywhere in Florida, Puerto Rico, or Mexico City. The State of Kansas makes my list along with any State in Tornado Alley. And, internationally, I'm thankful not to be a citizen of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, most African countries, North Korea and Venezuela.

Health becomes a major concern as we age and I'm thankful not to need a knee replacement that friends CS, JS, CM, and MB have had. Two friends have also needed hip replacements and I'm thankful to miss out on that as well. More to add on this list are chronic conditions endured by family and friends such as A-Fib, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes Type II, high blood pressure, dementia, metastatic cancers and severe allergy reactions.

Social media makes my “thankful I do not” list because I remain primarily content with the status of a Luddite. No cell phone. No smart phone. No Tablet. No Ipad. No Ipod. I could even live without my ancient computer, used for Google research and AOL email. And, I'm thankful not to need the services of a Geek Squad more than once a year.

Friends and families can be a blessing or misfortune. I’m thankful not be be raising grand and greatgrand children as some I know do. Also, not to be a caregiver for a spouse or adult child as four good friends find themselves in that stressful role.

Even though our large family Thanksgiving celebrations have diminished over the years, I'm thankful not to be on the road or in the air on this long weekend. Thankful, too, not to need to participate in Black Friday for New Year's Eve in Times Square. Who needs to be counted as one among mobs?

Every day I count my positive blessings, so this exercise in acknowledging the negatives worth a thankful moment might be something you would like to try on Turkey Day.

Moving on to different subjects, in September I had sameday surgery at Northern Nevada Medical Center. Kudos to all there for upbeat attitudes, helpful concern and efficiency. I even received a call from a hospital representative the next day to make sure I was okay. Not that I want surgery in the future, but if it's needed there's only one place I'll go.

My daughter and I are Thai food fans. We appreciate there are several choices for a good Thai meal in the region. Our current favorite, and close to home, is the Original Thai Restaurant at 2995 Vista Boulevard in Sparks. It's not a fancy spot, d├ęcor is less than inspiring, but the curries are fantastic.

A wonky knee and other ailments had me feeling less than wonderful all summer (those superhot days didn't help) so I did a lot of reading. Have you ever read Scotsman Stuart MacBride? He writes very dark and violent crime novels (not for everyone), but if you like imaginative plots and unique characters MacBride could be your man. Charlie English has produced a fascinating history of Timbuktu and the fabulous manuscripts protected there in The Storied City. Sue Grafton has almost reached the end of the alphabet in her Kinsey Malone mystery series; the latest, Y is for Yesterday is a good one.

With the Holiday Season now upon us, I wish you good times, good friends and good health.

Happy thanksgiving