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Novembr 2017
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Vision - Ophthalmology
by Dr. Michael Fischer, M.D.
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Eyelid Lift and Dry Eye 

Michael Fischer, M.D.
Michael Fischer, M.D.

While an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) is a plastic surgery procedure well known for its ability to rejuvenate the upper face by reducing sagging eyebrows, it may also lead to a lesser-known complication.

According to an examination of the medical records of nearly 900 eyelid-lift patients over a ten-year period, more than onequarter of the patients reported dry eye symptoms. Although this isn’t a complication that should alarm plastic surgery patients (dry eye is very manageable with eye drops or ointments), patients should be made aware of this possible side effect, which is more common among those having both their upper and lower lids done. Pre-surgery tear analysis can help identify those who might have the most trouble with dry eye. It should also be noted that women going through menopause or starting birth control pills, and people who have had difficulty with contact lenses in the past, are most at risk for post-surgical dry eye.

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