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December 2017
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Vision - Ophthalmology
by Dr. Michael Fischer, M.D.
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Michael Fischer, M.D.
Michael Fischer, M.D.

There are delicate blood vessels at the back of the eye that are suspectible to diabetesinduced damage that leads to swelling and leakage, and results in blurred vision.

In other cases, abnormal blood-vessel growth on the retina’s surface and blood leakage causes severe vision loss. To complicate matters, there are often no early signs of “diabetic retinopathy,” which affects an estimated 5.3 million U.S. adults.

The primary symptom, blood leakage, often occurs during sleep. The recommendation for diabetics is to get a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year regardless of age.

According to the National Eye Institute, laser surgery to stop blood leakage and stabilize vision can reduce the risk of blindness by 90 percent. It should be noted, diabetics who notice spots floating across their field of vison should see an ophthalmologist immediately before serious hemorrhaging occurs.